8th December 2016

Purple Telephone IVR

Call Director

Most commonly referenced as IVR, or as the system that invites you to “Press One for Sales, Press Two for Customer Services,” Purple Triangle Ltd are able to proudly offer customers this highly beneficial service.

Why Choose Call Director?

  • Easily direct external queries to the correct department
  • Reduce the amount of time spent transferring calls
  • Increase your business professionalism
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Choose from our suite of professional recordings, or upload your own
  • Get a personalised professional recording (additional charges apply)

How it Works

  • Using the IVR Wizard, select the prompts that you would like to assign to the keypad.
  • Choose from our range of standard prompts, including common departments and requests, or record you own prompt. Simply upload to ‘My Audio Files.’
  • Alternatively, you can order a personalised professional prompt, competitively priced at £25 for the first 20 words, and £1 per word thereafter. We use the same voice artist for this service as we do for our standard prompts, allowing you to easily mix and match. Simply call the office on 02476 320788 to order.
  • Assign each prompt to a number. Our IVR Wizard allows you to add multiple levels to the IVR, making it either as detailed or as simple as you require.
  • Set the call routing options. Choose where you would like each caller to be directed, whether that be to an internal extension, an external number, to our Virtual Receptionist, voicemail, a group of numbers, or even another Call Director menu.