11th December 2019

19 Alarming Cybercrime Statistics For 2023

19 Startling Cybercrime Stats for 2023

The internet offers endless possibilities for global communication, information access, and convenience. However, it also harbors a sinister side: cybercrime. Our digital interconnectedness exposes us to significant risks, demanding vigilance. Cybercrime Defined: Cybercrime encompasses crimes committed via computers, including scams, data breaches, illegal online sales, abuse like cyberbullying, and more. 

Underestimated Menace: Despite the real threat, many underestimate cybercrime, neglecting device security, relying on weak passwords, or falling for phishing. Here are 19 alarming stats to awaken you to the gravity of this threat:

  1. A cyber-attack strikes every 39 seconds: A study by the University of Maryland found that computers face attacks every 39 seconds, from hacking to phishing attempts. Using antivirus and common sense is crucial for protection.

  2. 78% of US organizations experienced cyberattacks in the past year: Cybercriminals often target organizations with financial or personal data. Surprisingly, medium and small-sized companies are increasingly vulnerable.

  3. 23% of Americans have had their credit card info stolen or know someone who has: Credit card theft can disrupt your life, leading to card cancellations, updates, and lingering unease.

  4. 30% of US consumers experienced data breaches in 2023, equating to a one-in-three chance when doing business with companies handling sensitive info.

  5. Over 1,000 data breaches exposed 147 million records in the first nine months of 2023, emphasizing the constant cyber threat. Strengthening defenses is crucial.

  6. Data breaches continue to rise annually, driven by the growing online world, making our data more appealing to cybercriminals.

  7. Mobile malware has surged by 54%, highlighting hackers’ evolving tactics to target smartphones with increasingly complex and diverse malware. Vigilance is key.

  8. The Cost of Cybercrime:

    1. Cybercrime costs the US between $57B and $109B annually, including fraud, identity theft, and ransom payments.

    2. Globally, cybercrime totals around $445B each year, affecting countries worldwide, with Indonesia having a 76% risk of attack.

    3. Phishing scams lead to $1.48B in annual losses, showcasing the need for heightened awareness.

    4. Businesses spend an average of $1.6M to recover from phishing attacks, emphasizing prevention.

    5. 60% of small businesses facing cyberattacks go out of business due to financial strain and loss of trust.

    6. Americans lose over $1B annually to online dating scams, revealing the surprising scale of this cybercrime.

    The Cause of Cybercrime:

    1. Email and phone phishing are the most common entry points for hackers; always verify sender information.

    2. Ransomware accounts for 39% of global data breaches, demanding ransom payments for data recovery.

    3. 66% of ransomware stems from spam and phishing attacks, underlining their significance in cybercrime.

    4. 56% of corporate cybercrime incidents involve current or former employees, highlighting the need for employee training.

    Other Cybercrime Statistics:

    1. One in five teenagers online receive unwanted sexual solicitations, emphasizing the importance of educating children about online safety.

    2. The FBI estimates 500,000 to 750,000 sexual predators active on the internet daily, reinforcing the need for vigilance and precaution.

    Cybercrime is a serious issue; protect yourself with unique passwords, anti-virus software, and cautious online behavior to avoid becoming a statistic. Stay informed and stay safe.