13th November 2019

Data Privacy Consultancy Services

Purple Triangle Ltd data privacy services

Purple Triangle in partnership with Hayes and Cole Ltd can offer the following

Versatile and successful data privacy consultantations, with a wealth of knowledge, technical skills and experience of GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018 and ePrivacy as well as all associated guidance and best practice requirements.

  • Effective VIRTUAL OFFICE solutions for Data Protection Officer, Data Protection Manager and Data Privacy Analyst services.
  • Practical development of data protection POLICIES & PROCEDURES and PRIVACY NOTICES.
  • Skilled SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS for advice to project teams from a small change undertaking requiring a data protection consultation up to and including full GDPR project deployment.
  • Dynamic production of employee TRAINING & AWARENESS packages, including Board and executive population engagement materials for a top down culture of compliance.
  • Efficient production of MI packs containing KPI and KRI that demonstrate performance levels.
  • Accomplished day to day PRACTITIONERS of privacy matters including
    • Compliance GAP ANALYSIS
    • PDA analysis
    • DPIA process building and analysis
    • LIA processing building and analysis
    • DP MONITORING – plans, policies and procedures for risk-based data protection
    • ADVICE and GUIDANCE to the business
  • Proficient development of BREACH REPORTING procedures and policies.
  • First rate COMMUNICATION – building engagement through collaborative working and uncomplicated advice and guidance.