3rd September 2019

iwoca trade account

iwoca pay later Trade Account (FlexiLoan)

Spread the cost of your next order

We’ve partnered with business finance specialist iwoca to offer a trade credit finance solution meaning you could spread the cost of your next order of between £200 and £200,000 over up to 12 monthly repayments with the option to repay faster and settle any time. 

90 days free

What’s more, the first 90 days are absolutely free. This means you have 3 months to settle your first order or otherwise get 3 months free if you decide to pay over up to 12 months. You’re not tied in and can make early repayments or settle anytime with no fees or charges and you only pay interest on the balance outstanding after the free 90 days pass. 

Great for repeat business

The Trade Account can be used for future transactions so you can also spread the cost of subsequent orders with us.

Get approved for free

The application is fast and simple and often there is no supporting documentation required. All iwoca need is basic information about the Director applying on behalf of the business and the approximate turnover figure for the last 12 months. 

Finding out if you can be approved to pay later is free and won’t harm your credit score and you’re not committed to using the Trade Account even once approved. 

To apply you’ll need:

  • A UK based Limited Company registered with Companies House
  • Details of a Director applying on behalf of the business
  • Basic information regarding the company

Frequently asked questions and answers!

What can I finance?

You can finance a single order or subsequent orders you might make in the future of between £200 and £200,000 within the credit limit granted on your account. 

Can my business apply?

Any UK Ltd or LLP company registered at Companies House can apply. The person applying on behalf of the company must be a Director at the business. iwoca accept applications from companies from any sector, of any age and including start ups. 

How much does it cost?

The first 90 days are completely free so you can spread the cost of your first purchase using the Trade Account for free. Thereafter rates are from 2% per month and the rate you’ll pay will be confirmed on approval. There are no other fees or charges whatsoever and you’ll see a clear breakdown before going ahead. 

Is there any commitment?

There is no commitment to use the Trade Account to pay for orders even after being approved. Once you’ve used the Trade Account to pay for an order then you can settle the balance with iwoca at any time.