24th March 2020

Corona Information

here you will find information relating to our services during the lockdown

to access the remote working site please click here 


Due to the new rules in force now i just wanted to touch base with all our customers to let them know what to expect from Purple Triangle over the coming weeks / months.

We are still at full strength staff wise and are supplying all IT and Telecoms support remotely from home. We expect this to continue for the foreseeable future.
If you need any help, please call 02476 320788 where we can create a ticket and carry out any work remotely that needs to be done. 
To protect my staff and to adhere to the govt regulations we will only be providing onsite support if there is no other way of completing the work. This will be judged on a case by case basis in light of risk and business need and using all precautions to avoid contamination.
Just to mention again everyone, it is a criminals paradise at the moment, if you have a look here at the live threat map https://threatmap.bitdefender.com/ you will see that the world is lit up with attacks at the moment. Disgusting as this is, unfortunately it is something we have to cope with. Please see below for details on how to spot phishing attacks and remember that your bank or financial institution will never ask you to transfer money. We have cases of clients getting phone calls with all sorts of scams from “I’m from (Insert bank name here) we need to transfer your money in to a safe “corona” account to protect you” to e-mails purporting to be from charity’s linked to the medical field asking for donations “to help our overstretched nurses and doctors”. 
If you are in any doubt STOP and CALL us!

Common fraud threats

Being aware of common threats, knowing how they work and what to look out for can help protect your business against falling victim to fraud.

Here are some of the common techniques fraudsters attempt to use to trick you into giving away your business information, banking details or even access to your computer.