Purple Triangle Ltd are proud to announce that as of Jan this year they have been helping Charities to save money and deliver on their chosen causes in the Midlands for 11 years.

They do this by working with charities to deliver, maintain and support their Computer and Phone systems cost effectively, working with the very tight budgets that all charities have. They can offer considerable cost savings on both Telephones and Computer support, by innovative delivery of these services, and, more importantly, knowing the charitable sector. To give an example, one of their clients was quoted £38,000 for a new computer system. They quoted the exact same system at £18,000, because they know the market and have relationships with manufacturers such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco and can deliver, where applicable, corporate donation products and services.

Member of The Phone Coop

Purple Triangle ltd are members of The Phone Coop who believe in sustainable solutions for charities and businesses, which is in alignment with our stated business practices. See here for more information


Close ties with tt-exchange (Formerly the Charitable Trade Exchange)

We work closely with charities to help them take advantage of donated software available through tt-exchange. We also offer weee compliant disposal of IT and Telecoms equipment and work hard to recycle and reuse equipment wherever possible.

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