7th November 2016

About Us

Formed in 2002, Purple Triangle Ltd was created with the goal of providing Small to Medium sized businesses (SME’s) with the ability to use current and developing IT and Telecom’s, equipment and services to benefit their businesses.

Since then we have grown to support over 500 PC’s and Servers with clients as diverse as National Charities, right down to 1 person businesses. Our team based in Nuneaton Warwickshire, cover an area across the Midlands and further. We have a team of support staff who support our engineers, at the moment we have our internal support engineers who cover remote support and setups plus offsite builds, we than have our external team of engineers who attend site and perform IT support, installs and help onsite if required.

Our team have always been targeted to help clients get the most return on investment from their computer / Software / IT investment by making sure that all the equipment we support is as a minimum running as it should and helping the business and not causing issues.

We have specialists within the team that cover the different aspects of technology, from the

  • Desktop (Hardware and Software)
  • Servers (Hardware and Software, VM)
  • Telecoms (Hardware and Software, Online and Messaging (unified and un-unified), contact centre implementation)
  • Software (online service like Office 365 offline software implementation)
  • Networking (Onsite point to point VPN, mesh VPN etc (inc Broadband connection from 100 / 1000Mb leased line to Satellite Broadband, standard ADSL2+ and all in between))
  • Security (AV, Firewalls, email filtering, intrusion testing etc)
  • Backup (onsite, offsite, near real time, real-time, full backup server, PC, VM etc)
  • Misc (all the other stuff that crops up like training, special requests etc)

We at Purple Triangle have over the years seen many a company promise to deliver real benefits to the SME market, and whilst being very long on promises they have been very short on delivery of those promises. We decided from the outset of our business that Small and Medium sized business owners are more than willing to pay the going market rates for service and supply, but they have a very keen eye for “the bottom line” and will not take on a new service or product unless there is a proven Return on Investment for their business.

We hope and believe that we have delivered on our promises over the years, (see testimonials), Our future goals are to deliver more of the same, whilst giving SME’s the opportunity to see new products and ways of doing things, both with IT and Telecom’s, that will bring real business benefit to their companies.

We have over 25 years’ experience in providing IT solutions to businesses. We can assist with everything from all the above and:

  • Data — supply and installation of Microsoft Server 2003, maintenance contracts, emergency call outs, data recovery, Exchange installations, data backup solutions, desktop PCs, laptops.
  • Telecommunications — telephone switches, least cost routing (i.e. low cost phone calls), voicemail, BT services, etc.
  • Voice and Data Integration — using one service to route phone calls, internet access and data traffic, allowing you to lower the total cost of your IT and telecom’s systems.
  • Bespoke software solutions — database design, e-mail and web services, and mobile technology
  • VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) — setting up voice networks via the internet to reduce telephony costs
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)


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