About Us

Formed in 2002, Purple Triangle Ltd was created with the goal of providing Small to Medium sized businesses (SME’s) with the ability to use current and developing IT and Telecom’s, equipment and services to benefit their businesses. We at Purple Triangle have over the years seen many a company promise to deliver real benefits to the SME market, and whilst being very long on promises they have been very short on delivery of those promises. We decided from the outset of our business that Small and Medium sized business owners are more than willing to pay the going market rates for service and supply, but they have a very keen eye for “the bottom line” and will not take on a new service or product unless there is a proven Return on Investment for their business.

We hope and believe that we have delivered on our promises over the years, (see “Our Clients” for testimonials), Our future goals are to deliver more of the same, whilst giving SME’s the opportunity to see new products and ways of doing things, both with IT and Telecom’s, that will bring real business benefit to their companies.

We have over 25 years’ experience in providing IT solutions to businesses. We can assist with everything from:

  • Support of Systems
  • Data Servers PC’s Laptops etc
  • Telecom Switches
  • Voice and Data Integration
  • Training
  • ERP / Cloud Computing
  • Bespoke Software